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22.06.2017 ~ 08.08.2017
Company-Trainee Information Form
For paid internships in Turkey, if the company would like to apply for State Contribution, it needs to fill the following form and send it to the address "Dean's Office - Summer Training Division, Faculty of Engineering, Bilkent University, 06800, Bilkent Ankara" after the summer training has finished. The company may send the filled form directly or via the student. This is applicable only for internships and companies in Turkey. Isletme-Stajyer-Bilgi-Formu
Summer Training Information Booklet
You can get the Summer Training Information Booklet from the following link: Summer Training Information Booklet
Phone Number of Summer Training Division at Dean's Office
Phone number of Summer Training Division at Dean's Office is x2354.
Concerning Quota Column in The List of Companies
If there is - in the quota column, this either means this company has not replied to us or the reply was negative. If there is 0/0 in the quota column, this means the company will accept individual applications from students themselves. (There is nothing the Dean's Office can do for trainee placement in this company. The company will evaluate the applications directly.)
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